Social Media Measuring and Evaluation Tools

Social media is an alien topic to me. My short time working in the pr industry was spent using traditional forms of pr therefore I’ve had very little to no experience using social media platforms in campaigns. I’ve been tasked with researching social media measurement and evaluation tools and to look at their worth within the pr industry.

Here are a few tools I’ve looked into:

Radian6 – is a measurement tool I’ve never used before. From looking at the services website and reviews it’s obvious this is one of the most powerful measurement tool currently on the market. Organisations can use this tool to gain insight and understanding about social media and its worth. ‘Using metrics, measurement, sentiment and analytic reporting companies using Radian6 will be able to apply social media strategy to their campaigns.’

Durrants – is a media database, monitoring and evaluation tool. Once again I have no experience with Durrants but I have used similar tools which offer the same functions. I feel there still isn’t an online database out there that can master all there of these tasks and perform to the highest standards. Durrants has had some glowing reviews which say their evaluation tool is second to none. ‘It enables companies to conduct thier own analysis, report in real time and measure the success and impact of a campaign or event. Their success can demonstrated through clipping analysis, campaign and key message favourability and share of voice benchmarking, therefore making it possible to justifying a pr budget.’

Sysomos– is a media analysis platform which provides corporations, pr’s and marketers with the tools to analyse, understand and monitor social media.  ‘It gives instant access to social media conversations, using contextual text analytics it allows you to see what’s happening, why it’s happening, and who’s driving the conversations.’ It’s a real time monitoring measurement tool with Boolean language rules which define searches.

Alterian SM2 –  is a monitoring tool that is rated highly amongst social media enthusiasts. ‘It allows you to easily analyse data from social media channels, looking at behavior statistics, daily volume, demographics, locations, tone, themes and trending topics.’ Some may say you’re provided with too much detail but rate it as a good tool nonetheless.

ScoutLabs – is a web based social media monitoring tool which tracks almost all social media channels. It finds signals and provides a platform for companies to listen to their customers opinions and conversations. It also allows them to engage with influential customers, building relationships with them on the internet. Reviewers have said their interface is easy to use and their reporting is clear and precise.


One thought on “Social Media Measuring and Evaluation Tools

  1. I wonder what measurement tools you would use to audit the people who visit the company website? Who visits competitor websites? Can you tell me age, sex, location etc.

    Some evaluation tools are really useful. This one tells you how well the PR job market is holding up

    Just thought I would say.

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