How original are your ideas?

To be a public relations practitioner you will need to possess a certain amount of creativity, imagination and some outside of the box thinking. Even when we possess these attributes is it possible for one to be truly original? My personal opinion is… No.

My view is that ‘new’ ideas are simply extensions of old ones, modified to fit the era and timescale they’re currently in.  Ideas can be innovative and unusual but will always embody aspects that can be linked back to something that has come before.

Whilst in my placement with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry we had many brainstorming sessions to come up with ‘new’ ideas for current and perspective clients. As much as they might not have been new to the world they were possibly new and totally original to that client, therefore giving them a new lease of life. It’s with these ideas that we won new business and held onto our clients, and we did a pretty good job of it.

The lorries way of having a successful brainstorm:

  1. The lorry running the show will provide background information on what they need to get out of the brainstorm, giving everyone a chance to do a little research and put their thinking caps on
  2. Get as many bums on seats as possible – providing rewards always works well (doughnuts, cookies, sweets and if it’s Friday afternoon a beer is always nice etc)
  3. Don’t be shy, let your whacky side shine but always keep in mind who the client is and the target audience
  4. Keep order during the brainstorm, try not to go off on a tangent
  5. Use a whiteboard, the glass wall or even an old fashioned notepad to make notes
  6. Say thanks and give everyone a pat on the back 🙂

Like I said before I don’t believe true originality is possible, but using the Lorry way of thinking and brainstorming I’ve been shown it’s definitely possible to be innovative and creative.


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