Infographics: Not as easy as they look

I’ve never been the most technically minded person in the world, so when I was tasked with the job of creating an infographic I didn’t know where to start. Lucky for me there is Google, and with the click of a button I was presented with many blogs rating the top 10 awesome free tools to make infographics. After much deliberation I went with Many Eyes, the tool that allows you to upload your own data and transform it into ‘visualisations’. The visualisations available range from bubble charts to scatter diagrams and world maps, they are easy to use and present the information in a clear concise way – what more could you ask for? Below is my attempt at an infographic, it represents social media usage across the most popular channels in the UK…


It has to be said that this isn’t the most appealing infographic out there, there are so many more which represent this information in a much more visually entertaining way.  Here’s an examples:


Infographics have been around since 7500 BC and have developed and evolved over time into the digitally designed graphics that we all recognise today. The purpose of infographics is to present complex information in an easy to read clear format, this could explain why there is an abundance of them in the media. Magazines, newspapers and bloggers use them to make what they’re saying that little bit more interesting, break up the text and fill the white space, PR professionals are also using them when presenting results or demographics in reports or presentations.

Infographics is a versatile tool to use, one that can be understood globally and enjoyed by many. So fingers crossed with a bit more practice I’ll be a pro at designing them and I can start posting them all over the place!


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