Infographics Take Two!

My first attempt at infographics wasn’t too impressive so following a suggestion from a lecturer I’ve taken another shot at it,  and I have to say I’m definitely a lot happier with these ones. The information in the infographics is a list i’ve put together of what you need to prepare for a PR pitch.

I used and to design two infographics using the same information, yet they turned out totally different. Take a look…

The first one was produced using Wordle, a very easy tool to use and it puts your information out in there in a visually attractive format. The drawback of this tool is that you can’t include phrases and there’s no structure to the way the words are displayed which means you would most probably have to explain the infographic.

Gliffy on the other hand is a slightly more complicated tool, the infographics it produces are more like charts and aren’t as visually appealing. It did however give me the chance to demonstrate the process in which you plan a PR brief/pitch.

So have my infographics educated you in any way?


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