What’s going to make me ditch my beloved iPhone?

Hi my name’s Laura… ‘Hi Laura’

I’m an iPhone user.

I’ve been hooked for the last 12 months.

No matter what you do I’m never giving it up, well this is until something better comes along!

What do I mean by better you ask, well for me there are five things I would like my phone to be able to now that it currently cannot, they are:

1. Personalised background display – I’d like my home screen to utilise memory of data I’ve used and personalise it to my usage. E.g. having an information bar running across the bottom of the screen with top news from my most visited sites. Tabs for the people I call the most, and games and app used daily.

2. Increased camera technology – I’m camera-snappy 24/7 and my phone doesn’t support these photo taking urges the way I’d like it to. I would love it if I could take photos and the quality would be like that of an SLR camera. And I’d be able to upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ with just one click.

3. 3D Screens – This is probably already been done and it just hasn’t made it into the market in the UK yet, but how awesome would that be. I can’t think of anything better than watching Toy Story in 3D on my phone.

4. Increased battery life – As previously mentioned I’m addicted to my phone, be it checking emails, texting, viewing a webpage, playing a game, checking my items on eBay or updating my Facebook status, my phone is literally on all the time. My phone can’t currently hand my needs and one day it will, fingers crossed.

5. Telepathic tendencies – It’s a long shot but what would be amazing is if I could simply think of a song and my phone would just play it. Wishful thinking I know, but one day this could really happen! This could be applied to making calls and texting too, just think and type, think and dial. Incredible!

One day this will all be possible, I can feel it in my bones. How it will become possible is a whole other conversation. With the genius Steve Jobs deceased the question on my mind is will Apple be as innovative and ground-breaking as they’ve always been or will this lead to a total game changer and see the likes of Samsung on top?

Since the release of the Galaxy Nexus I’ve had people question my loyalty to my reliable and well-dressed sidekick, iPhone 4. And to be totally honest it is a little tempting to jump ship and here’s why:

– The Galaxy Nexus was the first ever device run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 5-megapixel camera capabilities of 1080p video capture – this makes me very happy.

– It comes with 32-gigabytes of built-in storage with a microSD slot that can add another 32-gigabytes – that’s a whole lot of memory.

– It provides the ability to unlock the device with facial recognition – wow!

Even after reading that I have to say, in my humble opinion Apple is going to stay on top for the foreseeable future. Why? Because of their bullet proof brand identity, the sense of loyalty they have instilled in their customers, the relationship they have created with consumer and trade press, their ability to change the face on an industry with one product and their desire to be the most innovative technology provider ever known.


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