My relaxation bender!

I have to be honest, at the ripe old age of 22 I had never been on a relaxation bender, until now. Even when on holiday I’m always doing something or going somewhere, I never actually stop and just relax. So after the last five months of slogging my guts out day after day in the library, not so many all-nighters as I tend to fall asleep but many early starts, the work load has finally eased off. And in the last week I decided to go on a relaxation bender. I didn’t really make a conscious decision to do this, it sort of just happened and I’m not complaining. The joys of being a student! From here on in I’m basically going to tell you how awesome my week has been, buckle up.

The last week has been absolutely glorious; I’ve caught up on sleep, watched multiple movies, eaten myself out of house and home and laughed until I cried. I bet you’re green with envy right now; I would be if I wasn’t me.

This time last week I was at home excitedly awaiting the arrival of my cousin over from NYC (my favourite place in the world). Great food was eaten, delicious wine was consumed and tales of my father’s childhood in the West of Ireland were told. I love when family comes to visit!

Sadly I was then torn away from the parents nest, returning to the student house in Cheltenham. Not to worry, a relaxing evening with the girls was thoroughly enjoyed and was swiftly followed by a day of pampering to ready ourselves for our final summer ball at the one and only Cheltenham Racecourse. It was an incredible night followed by a just as incredible duvet day – believe it or not it was my first one, EVER!

Dolled up and ready to party!!

And the laziness of this duvet day managed to seep into the rest of my week. I’ve slept in late (9am), I’ve sat talking for hours about meaningless things, I watched day time TV (slightly embarrassed) and I’ve painted my nails way too many time. And the highlight of my week, bar the cousins’ visit and the summer ball has to be the two trips to the cinema within 24 hours. The joys of having a housemate who works at Cineworld.

I’d forgotten how much I love the cinema. Noting beats stuffing your face full of popcorn, sweets and fizzy pop even though you’re neither hungry nor thirsty, and it’s all in the name of film, 3D film that is. To be honest I’m yet to jump on this bandwagon, I find the adverts before the film tend to be more 3D than the film itself. A severe disappointment to say the least.

My issues with 3D cinema aside on Tuesday evening I marched into the cinema suited and booted in my finest 3D glasses to indulge in a little action hero drama, that’s right, I went to see The Avengers. What girl wouldn’t love to watch the beautiful specimens named Iron Man, Thor, Captain American and let’s throw in the Hulk fight the evils of another galaxy to save the world – but really it’s only ever New York that gets attacked. From a chick flick connoisseur, that film was pretty epic.

And then yesterday I once again graced Cineworld with my presence to attend the first screening of American Pie Reunion. When the original American Pie hit the screens back in 1999 I was only ten years old, thirteen years later I’m all caught up on the action. American Pie Reunion had me in stiches from start to finish, I award it a whopping 10/10, it deserves a gold star for being so awesome.

Gold stars all the way!

My evening and relaxation bender didn’t stop there; I rounded off cooking dinner with the girls and renting a Chris Evans spectacular – What’s your number?  If you need a good laugh this is the film for you. So there you have it, my first relaxation bender was truly wonderful and rest assure it will not be my last.


Where to go from here…

The dissertation is finished, bound, and handed-in. (Monitoring, measurement and evaluation – email me if you’d like to have a read.) The celebrations have taken place, as has the horrendous hangover. No matter how good the wine is I must remember too much will ALWAYS cause a headache.

Since the big hand-in a huge presentation has been completed, more celebrations have taken place and great results have been achieved. All in all everything is going swimmingly. In the next sixteen days all I have left to do is finish my global project (GlobCom) and sit an exam, and for some reason I don’t seem to be pulling my hair out. Bazaar. And just so you’re totally in the picture, all of this will no doubt be swiftly followed with some more celebrating, this time with the lecturers – @DavidGHPhillips@FelicityRead and Bern Wakefield (@CotswoldWalks).

Celebration time!!

My reason for telling you this is to justify why my blog has been so severely neglected in the last couple of months. Alas the pressure of university life is slowly easing off which means plenty more time for me to blog my heart out. You lucky things!

The countdown is now on and university life will be coming to an end in the coming weeks and the closer it gets the more anxious I become. Real life is just around the corner and I’ve come to realise I have been wishing my life away the past eight months, impatiently willing it all to end so I can get back to gaining experience, earning money, having a social life, seeing friends and basically living. What I didn’t realise is that as stressful as this final year has been, grey hairs and wrinkles included, it’s nothing compared to what I’ll be experiencing throughout my career in years to come. The penny finally dropped – uni life is a doddle, the best years of your life, it’s time to make the most of what’s left of it.

The end of May will bring tears of joy and sadness, in bucket loads. I’ll be moving home, back into my parents beautiful house where it’s never dirty and the fridge is always fully stocked and there’s a crazy dog who provides on demand entertainment 24/7. However all of this doesn’t come without a price, with a heavy heart I’ll be leaving behind some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I make it sound as if we’ll never see each other again, but when you live like myself, @Laurenstoodley and @MeganWeavers do, not seeing each other every day is pretty much like losing a limb. Such bitter sweet moments lie ahead but I know there is a great summer waiting to begin.

So what do I have lined up for myself this summer… Sadly as a penniless student no lavish holidays are on the cards. My dreams of a return trip to New York or Los Angeles will have to wait. Despite not fleeing the country my summer will be far from boring, I will be volunteering at the 2012 London Olympics in the Press Office. That’s right, I, Laura O’Brien am a Games Maker.

London 2012 Games Makers

The shifts are not doubt going to be long, the work will be hard but the experience will be nothing short of incredible, I cannot wait to be part of the team that’s making the 2012 Olympics possible. Sitting in Wembley Area at the first orientation meeting really made the enormity of the project come to life and my media training has prepared me for the what might happen moments. I’m really to roll my selves up and gain some invaluable experience.

Post-Olympic press office success real life will no doubt have to start. Where this is starting I’m yet to figure out…